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Based out of the Moss & Fenwick Village Hall, Fenwick, Doncaster, our setting is fully accessible to all and nestles in  rural beauty close to the local amenities of Askern. Daily Outdoor Learning activities are delivered within the extensive grounds. Every outdoor learning activity is matched to National Curriculum Standards and specifically focused to ensure individual SEMH targets are achieved.
Aerial view of site

Working with Families and Schools


Children joining Phoenix will all receive a home visit, where their Key Worker will begin to build relationships and initiate their own Phoenix Timetable.
The Key Worker or Head of Phoenix will visit the child’s school.


A series of assessment of needs will be undertaken such as, SDQ, Boxall PASS sensory profile, GL assessments such as RAPID, LUCID , psychotherapist assessment. Bespoke screening can take place where required including Speech and Language assessment or ADHD/ ASD diagnosis.
Phoenix staff will review the child’s one page profile / school paperwork and update child’s voice.

Bespoke Curriculum

Phoenix staff will create the child’s personalised Phoenix plan to enable the Phoenix curriculum to meet the needs of the individual child.

Working with Schools

Children will remain on the school roll throughout the placement. Biweekly online reviews with school staff will ensure that the child remains at the forefront of staff awareness and relationships can be fostered through additional visits to the Phoenix site.

Returning to School

When a child or young person completes their provision at Phoenix, they will leave with a thorough, detailed report, enabling schools to implement recommendations