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What do children do?



Connect sessions start and end each day at Phoenix.

The session has been developed to create a welcoming and nurturing environment to support the development of relationships and instill a sense of belonging, encouraging young people to feel at ease to express themselves and explore their emotions.

Connect sessions support emotional regulation and interweaves current affairs and the RHSE curriculum to ensure children develop a sense of self, and begin to understand their place in the world and their worth within their own home and wider communities.

Kneading bread


Phoenix has developed life skills sessions that focus on skills to support young people in navigating day to day life.

This covers areas such as cooking, first aid, personal hygiene and self care.

Our life sessions are developed to support our young people to navigate the world successfully.

Painted child


Creative sessions at Phoenix have been developed to enable young people to explore their imaginations, develop a sense of self and express themselves through different mediums.

At Phoenix, we work hard to help young people explore their individuality and find their place in the world.

Through these sessions we promote creative and cultural development by offering opportunities to explore, art, DT and science based activities.



Phoenix has developed a programme of learning related to bushcraft skills.

One of the most significant benefits of teaching bushcraft and survival skills to young people is to foster self-reliance.

This is delivered through an informal learning environment, where young people feel safe and can explore their competency and build on outdoor skills.